YCA Online Academy
Providing an Accredited High School for the YCA Community

According to the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, more than 1.5 million U.S. students are taking online courses at accredited online high schools, and that number continues to grow worldwide. Yorktown Christian Acadmey understands the unique benefits of online schooling and in 2012 opened its doors to the online world. YCA Online High School students study challenging, accredited, college preparatory courses, at their own pace, and with a flexible schedule. Students are taught by Christian teachers, enjoy stimulating, rigorous coursework at an accredited online high school, and earn a transcript that reflects the excellent reputation of Yorktown Christian Academy and its partnership with Sevenstar Academy.

YCA Online High School provides a rigorous and challenging college preparatory education for high school students in a Christian environment. All online high school courses are college preparatory, accredited, and have been developed to foster critical thinking skills and personal responsibility with high expectations for academic achievement and intellectual growth. Our online high school students enjoy a wide range of honors, AP, and dual-credit courses and a learning environment that is independent and engaging. Our online high school teachers respect the individual learning style and the potential each student brings to our school. Our objective is to stimulate creative and independent thought and to develop a lifelong love of learning, an abiding faith in Christ, and personal integrity.

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Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Online Courses from Us

1. It has a Christian mission with Christian teachers, material, and biblical worldview integration to promote spiritual growth.

2. The education is provided by Sevenstar Academy, which is regionally accredited by the NCA through AdvancED.

3. The courses are recognized by the NCAA.

4. There are 10 College Board approved AP and 200+ Dual Credit courses available.

5. Every core course is based on national standards and includes a certified teacher.

6. Most courses require no additional materials.

7. Students are engaged with multimedia, online discussions, critical thinking, and oral assessments.

8. Students set their pace and are held accountable, but the pace can be adjusted to meet individual needs.

9. The school and parents are kept informed on student progress with proactive email alerts.

10. Quick enrollment - new students can start every Monday.

Other High School Options

We want the very best for our 8th graders as they choose which high school opportunity is best for them. Although we would like for them to stay at YCA and enroll in our Online Academy, we realize that some students prefer a more traditional educational experience. Some options are listed here for your investigation and evaluation to see which one may be right for your child.

Toloso-Midway ISD
Located in the Calallen area of Corpus Christi, many of our students have chosen this high school and been very successful.

London ISD
Located in south Corpus Christi, students have a high school option a bit closer than TM.

Annapolis Christian Academy
Located on Staples street north of SPID, this is a Christian school offering a classical education.

Del Mar Community College
Honors Program for academically-talented students; Collegiate High School, Dual Credit and Early Admissions programs allow high school students to enroll for college-level courses while completing high school graduation requirements.

Homeschool Community

Homeschooling is educating your child outside of the public or private school. Hundreds of colleges, universities, and vocational institutes all over the nation accept homeschooled students. For more information about homeschooling in Corpus Christi, click on the Homeschool Community link.