YCA Online Academy

YCA Online Academy was created to offer a flexible alternative to delivering a Christian education to students and families. YCA Online  Academy has more than 130 courses available for grades 6-12 including a variety of Bible classes for all grade levels, in addition to Advanced Placement and Dual-Credit courses. Our overall mission is to provide educational excellence in a Christ-centered environment and the addition of our online program will only help us accomplish this goal.

YCA Online Academy courses are rigorous and exceed all national and state standards. Because we consider the Bible to be central to academic excellence, YCA Online Academy  integrates wisdom, examples, stories, characters and teaching from God’s word into our Christ-centered courses. Such integration coupled with high academic standards are the foundation of the program. The YCA Online Academy is powered by Sevenstar.

YCA Online Academy is ideal for:

  • Home school students
  • Traditional students with unique scheduling conflicts
  • Students needing additional credit for graduation or repeating a course
  • Disabled students who are unable to attend traditional school
  • Students desiring to gain college credit while in high school
  • Students wanting to stay at YCA for high school

Yorktown Christian Academy's Online Academy is eager to meet the unique academic needs of students and families.

Click here for the current tuition and fees. All grades from K4 through Grade 12 have the same tuition and fees.

Do you have questions about our Online Academy? Contact us and let us know your questions or other concerns.

Online courses for middle school students include:

English/Language Arts

•  Language Arts 6
•  Language Arts 7
•  Language Arts 8


•  Math 1
•  Math 2
•  Math 3 (Pre-Algrebra)

•  Comprehensive Science 1
•  Comprehensive Science 2
•  Comprehensive Science 3

Social Studies
•  World Cultures 6
•  World Geography
•  US History

•  Jesus: Prophet, Priest, King, and Savior
•  Lightbearers

•  Thinking and Learning Strategies (½ credit)

Credit Recovery (10 weeks)
•  Math 1
•  Math 2
•  Pre-Algebra

Online courses for high school students include:

English/Language Arts

•  English 9th
•  English 10th
•  English 11th
•  English 12th

•  Consumer Math
•  Pre-Algebra
•  Algebra 1
•  Algebra 2
•  Geometry
•  Liberal Arts Math
•  Pre-Calculus

•  Earth and Space Science
•  Marine Science
•  Biology
•  Chemistry
•  Physics

Social Studies
•  World History
•  Global Studies
•  American History
•  American Government (½ Credit)
•  Economics (½ Credit)  

Other online courses for high school students include:

Advance Placement (AP)
Biology, Art History, Computer Science, Calculus,
English Lang & Comp, English Lit & Comp, Macroeconomics,
Microeconomics, US Government, US History, World History

Foreign Languages
Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish

ACT Preparation
Digital Photography: Image Design and Editing
Creative Writing
Critical Thinking and Study Skills: Prepare for the SAT
Computer Programing
Game Design
Forensic Science I, II
Health: Life Management Skills
Introduction to Social Media
Mobile Application Programming
Music Appreciation
Personal and Family Finance
Personal Fitness
Social Problems I, II

Credit Recovery (10 Weeks)

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, American Government, American History, Biology, Chemistry,
Economics, English 9, English 10, English 11,
English 12, Geometry, World History

Apologetics I, II
Basic Bible Doctrine I, II
Have We Lost Our Minds?
Introduction to Life Calling
Jesus: Prophet, Priest, King, and Savior
Life Shaping Decisions

Understanding the Times I, II, III

Dual Credit
Boyce College (KY)
Davis College (NY)
God's Bible School and College (OH)
Grand Canyon University (AZ)
Indiana Wesleyan University (IN)
The King's College (NY)
Taylor University (IN)


Levels: Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, Expert