Important Questions about Private School Education

Important Questions to ask Private School Representatives:

1. Is the school accredited and by whom?
Our answer: YCA is in the process of seeking accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (recognized by the Texas Private Accreditation Commission and the Texas Commissioner of Education).

2. How long has the school been in existence?
Our answer: YCA was established in 1994

3. What are the entrance requirements?
Our answer: Requirements for Admission:

  • Students in grades 1-8 must demonstrate on-grade-level academic achievement
  • Come to us with a record of good behavior
  • No student who is currently suspended, expelled, on academic or disciplinary probation or required to attend an alternative learning center
  • At least one parent has to be a professing Christian with a clear testimony

4. Does the school have all grade levels so my child may continue with their education in one place and not have to change environments?
Our answer: We have grades pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade. High School options are discussed on the website. There are plans to consider a high school in the future.

5. Does the school have the teacher’s grade book online?
Our answer: Yes

6. Do they accept students that have been suspended, expelled or recommended for an alternative learning environment?
Our answer: No

7. Who is the governing body over the school?
Our answer: Board of Directors

8. What credentials does the Head of School hold?
Our answer: John Gilbert comes to us from a varied background. See the website for details.

9. Do they have uniforms so my child will not feel pressure to dress a certain way?
Our answer: No, but there is a clear dress code, with some flexibility.

10. Does the school administer achievement testing at the end of every year as a guideline so you will know how your child is progressing in his/her education?
Our answer: Yes, we administer the TerraNova Standardized Test.

11. What do they do if they see a child struggling academically? Do they have a learning center if my child needs some additional help?
Our answer: We seek to provide extra tutoring where possible.

12. What is the typical class size?
Our answer: K4 is limited to 12 students per class. K5 is limited to 14 students per class.  Grades 1 - 5 are limited to 20 students per class, but generally have fewer than this. Grades 6 - 8 are not limited, but tend to run from 10 to 22 students per class.

13. Can you tour the school?
Our answer: Yes, you may schedule a tour by appointment.

14. Can you observe classes?
Our answer: The parents may observe classes by appointment only. (Please see admissions events for specific dates.)

15. Are they open about any question you have?
Our answer: Yes, we want you to know everything about us on which to base your decision.

16. Do they provide a curriculum list?
Our answer: We teach by objectives. Please see the curriculum section of the website for details.

17. Do they have an art, music, drama teachers?
Our answer: Yes, we have art and music programs which vary depending on grade level.

18. Do they have physical education teachers?
Our answer: Yes

19. Do they teach computer?
Our answer: Yes, we have a great computer lab which is scheduled for all grades.

20. Do they have computers in the classrooms?
Our answer: Yes

21. Do they have after school clubs?
Our answer: We have after school activities. Please see the website for details.

22. What type of lunch program do they provide?
Our answer: Students bring their own lunch or purchase lunch through vendors who have contracted with the school.

23. Is there a sports program?
Our answer: Yes, we offer volleyball, basketball, cross-country, and other options are in development.

24. Are there field trips?
Our answer: Yes, at all grade levels

25. How do they handle transportation on field trips?
Our answer: Parents offer assistance with field trips. If they do drive, the students may not sit in the front seat of any vehicle and must be in their own seat belt.

26. What types of extra-curricular activities does the school offer?
Our answer: Competitions, Drama, Art, Choir, and all sports listed above and an active Outdoor Adventure Program

27. Do they have monthly fire drills?
Our answer: Yes

28. As my child prepares for college in the later years, do they have a person to guide them through this process and assist the parents with preparations?
Our answer: Since we are currently offering classes only through the 8th grade, this is provided through the high school options.

29. Do they offer on-site dual credit in the high school years to allow upper classmen the opportunity to earn credit at the college level?
Our answer: We do offer classes with high school credit. See the website for more details.

30. Is the campus secure with procedures and guidelines for checking children out?
Our answer: We have a closed campus so only current students are allowed on campus. Parents must check their students out in the office.

31. What kind of discipline issues have you had at your school? Do you expel students if necessary?
Our answer: Tardies and talking out of turn are usually the discipline issues at YCA. We do expel students that do not comply with school policies. All school policies are found in the student handbook on this web site.

32. Is there active parent involvement in the school?
Our answer: Our Yorktown Parents in Action Committee (YPAC) program is very active. We welcome parent participation.

33. How does the school communicate with parents?
Our answer: Via flyers sent home via backpacks, email, web site, phone calls, and text messages

For Christian Schools:
35. Is it a Christian school in all they do? (Model a Christ-like view of the world)

Our answer: Yes, we are distinctively Christian and serve the evangelical Christian community around Corpus Christi.

36. Are the families Christian?
Our answer: Yes, it is a requirement that at least one parent have a clear profession of faith in Christ.

37. Do they have Bible study daily?
Our answer: Yes, Bible study is integral to all classes, including weekly Scripture memory.

38. Do they have weekly chapel?
Our answer: Yes, we have three chapels each week: one for pre-K through Grade 2, one for Grades 3 to 5 and one for Grade 6 to 8. Chapel services are designed for age-appropriate worship with messages to impact the lives of our students.