The Admissions Process

Call the YCA Office at 361-985-9960 for more information.

1. The Application for Admission  

  • Click here to complete the online application for admission.
  • You will be able to create your own login and track the status of your admission application.
  • You will be expected to pay the $350 registration fee by credit card at the time of submitting your online application.
  • This is the only way to submit applications. YCA does not accept paper applications.
2. Parent Interview - The Parent Interview may be scheduled at any time. Please complete the "Request Information" form before making the appointment. The following areas will be addressed in the interview:
  • Family environment & church involvement.
  • Prospective student development & maturity
  • Parent participation
  • YCA philosophy
  • Approach to discipline
3. Complete Admission Packet - Student admission is conditional until the following items have been properly submitted and accepted by the school administration. You may log back into your student application account to check the status of these forms. Once admitted, the status of these forms will no longer be available. Please call the office if you need additional information.


First through Twelfth Grade

Students in grades 1-12 must demonstrate a capacity to academically succeed at YCA on the Reading and Math sections on the standized tests administered by a YCA examiner. This test takes approximately 2 hours. (If your child has taken an achievement test within the last year and you can provide us with the results, we will not need to retest.) Once the results are in you will be contacted. 

4. Final Acceptance - Families will be informed of acceptance by the admissions office.

  • Completed Admission Forms
  • Receipt of the Teacher Evaluation, Pastoral Reference, and Family Reference Forms
  • Birth Certificate (copy)
  • Current Immunization Record - Texas minimum state vaccine requirements
  • Last Report Card (copy)
  • Last Standardized Test Scores (if applicable)