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2017-2018 Classgrams

 Jul  7/17 7/24 7/31
 Aug  8/7 8/14 8/21 8/28
 Sep  9/11 9/18 9/25
 Oct  10/2 10/9 10/16 10/30
 Nov  11/6 11/13 11/20 11/27
 Dec  12/4 12/11
 Jan  1/8 1/15 1/22 1/29
 Feb  2/5 2/12 2/26
 Mar  3/5 3/12 3/19 3/26
 Apr  4/2 4/16 4/23 4/30
 May  5/7 5/14 5/21


 Homework:  I will be careful of your time as a family.  With the exception of Wednesday and Friday, a red folder will go home each day, which will include homework and/or communication.  Homework begins next week.  This is the start of a long school career which naturally includes the responsibility of homework.  The only exception to this is a note stating an illness or a family emergency.

Reading:  In your child’s folder is also a list of the most common first grade sight words.  We will spend the first three weeks on the red dot list and then the next three weeks on the orange dot list.  Students are to practice these words on homework nights and will be tested on them.  Other lists will be introduced throughout the school year. 

Monday Folder:  Each Monday (or Friday), a yellow folder will go home with worksheets and tests from the previous week.  Please remove the papers and return the empty folder the following day.  Selected class work will be kept in the class for referencing progress. 

Bible:  A new scripture verse will be memorized each week and is available on the weekly class gram.  The practice and review of this verse should be included on homework nights.  Your child will recite or answer a ‘fill in the blank test’ during our Friday Bible class.  This is a recorded grade. 

Absences:  Your child will need a note on the day that they return to school stating the reason for their absence.  Please also call the office each day that your child is out. 

Late Arrival:  Always (even if it’s just a few minutes) stop at the office first to pick up a tardy slip.  Student preparation for the day is from 8:05-8:15.  In the first grade your child will miss valuable preparation time if they are late.  We will start promptly at 8:15. 

Early Release:  Even if it’s just a few minutes, go to the office to pick up an early release form.  Whenever possible, let me know of your plans in advance so that your child is prepared and ready to leave upon your arrival. 

After School Care:  Let me know the same day in writing or call the school office if your child does not regularly attend after school care but the need arises to use this service.  This prevents your child from waiting in possible inclement weather. 

After School Dismissal:  Important – In writing and at the start of the day. Let me know of plans to have someone else pick up your child. 

Medications:  Prior to arrival in the classroom, please deliver medications directly to the office.  For the safety of all students, do not send them in backpacks or lunchboxes. 

Water Bottles:  It is strongly recommended that your child have a filled water bottle (water only) on their desk.  I especially recommend this with the hot weather upon us. 

Toys:  Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school.  This includes for Show and Tell.  The first grade academic day will be full.  Educational resources are available at the appropriate times. 

Show and Tell:  Show and Tell is the last Friday of each month.  In the first grade, toys are no longer a part of Show and Tell.  Please use this opportunity to have your child share about an educational item.  We will have two designated dates for pets. 

Birthdays:  You are welcome to bring or send a treat for your child’s special day.  It’s preferred that the celebration be done at the very end of the school day.  Please consider sending healthy alternatives to the more traditional sugary treats.  Among some of the suggestions are: watermelon slices, fruit kabobs, yogurt with toppings, trail mix, popcorn, grain bars such as the multi-pack from Kind bars.  While cookies and cupcakes are not on a ‘ban list’, first graders can also enjoy a variety of celebration foods. 

Lunch Visits:  Seating is limited in the lunchroom.  Prior to going to the lunchroom, sign in at the office.  This includes (just) dropping off a lunch in the lunchroom.  A separate table is available for lunch with your child.  Students will need to follow the same rules as their classmates by staying seated and cleaning up after themselves.