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Welcome to our 3rd Grade Page!!


Mrs. Hybner - Reading, Grammar, & Spelling

Mrs. Westergren - Math, Science, & Social Studies

Christmas Program Attire

Christmas Best (Christmas dresses for girls and button down shirts with slacks for boys 

2016-2017 Classgrams

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

7/20 7/25
 Aug 8/1 8/8 8/15 8/22 8/29
9/12 9/19 9/26
 Oct 10/3 10/10 10/17
 Nov 11/7 11/14
 Dec 12/5 12/12

1/9 1/17 1/23 1/30
 Feb 2/6 2/13
 Mar 3/6 3/13 3/20 3/27
 Apr 4/3
4/17 4/24
 May 5/1 5/8 5/15 5/22



Muffins with Mom - May 11th


There are no Hot Lunches available at this time. All students must bring a lunch each day. Third grade is sponsoring a Taco Bell Tuesday Fundraiser in which one Tuesday each month, we will take orders for Taco Bell! Please join in on the fun and order your child some Taco Bell on these dates, All funds are in support of our YCA Family Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic!!

All students must have tennis shoes every day for P.E.!!! If your child wants to wear boots, dress shoes, etc., please pack socks and tennis shoes in their backpack so they meet dress requirements for gym.



Community Service Journal Information - Due May 5th!!

  All elementary students are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service each school year.  This service can be done at the student's home church, at school, through a community organization, mission trip, etc. There will be a check on January 13th. At this time, the student should have completed at least 7 hours of community service.

The community service journal must contain the following for each entry:

  • A brief description of the activity.
  • The purpose of the activity.
  • The time given to the service project.
  • What the student learned from his/her participation in the activity.
  • Each entry must be signed by a parent verifying participation in the activity.

The community service journal must be turned in to Miss Truitt by May 2nd of the school year.  Failure to complete the journal will affect the student's citizenship grade for the year.  Third grade students will also receive a Bible grade for their community service journal.  The completed journal is required before a student is officially re-enrolled for the next year.