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Language Arts!

      Instructor - Mrs. Kelly Murdock     


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Unless noted, ALL homework is DUE at the beginning of class. NO EXCEPTIONS.

AR points are required by 3:30 pm Friday, August 31st: 

6th - 10 pts

7th - 12 pts

8th - 15 pts

New Study Novels:

6thHatchet – 7 AR pts

7thPictures of Hollis Woods – 5 AR pts

8thAnimal Farm  - 5 AR pts

***AR Novel tests and total points are DUE Friday, August 31st at 3:30***

***Student novel points are credited towards their AR total. Additional points must be earned with independent reading. Total AR points counts as a 30% project grade.***



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Please see links below for the Middle School Class Gram. All classes are represented in this weekly form, updated Mondays. If you need information not found here, please contact your teacher. Thank you!

-Mrs. Murdock, Mrs. Jimenez, Mrs. Meschi, and Mrs. Garza

 Amy Garza - agarza@yca-cc.org

 Amanda Meschi - ameschi@yca-cc.org

 Cindy Jimenez - cjimenez@yca-cc.org

Kelly Murdock - kmurdock@yca-cc.org