Middle School Outdoor Skills Course


YCA recognizes that the spiritual and academic education of each student is of utmost importance, however there are many other skills that are a vital part of growing a child into an adult. The Outdoor Adventure Program is designed to build that extra sense of adventure into the life of every boy and girl who chooses to participate in these exciting adventures.

This Middle School elective is an introduction to basic outdoor skills including how to tie knots, basic first aid, how to use an axe and saw safely, how to orient a map with a compass, and other fun outdoor skills.

Resources of Interest to This Class

Class Notes

    • Knots: Square knot, sheetbend, zeppelin, clove hitch, two half hitches, taut-line hitch, bowline, timber hitch, alpine butterfly loop, trucker's hitch
    • Putting up a dining fly with correct knots - no popups allowed
    • Outdoor Ethics - Leave it the way you found it
    • Knife, Axe, and Saw Use and Safety
    • How to cut and split firewood
    • Building a Fire - marshmellows not included
    • First Aid: Choking, Cuts & Scrapes, Severe Bleeding, Shock, Tourniquets
    • First Aid: Slings, Splints, 2-Handed Carry, 4-Handed Seat
    • Measuring Distance: Pace or Stride
    • Measuring Heights: Stick Method, Felling Method
    • Measuring Widths: Stick Method, Compass Method
    • Land Navigation: Maps, Compass Skills, and Orienteering
    • Lashings: Square Lashing, Diagonal Lashing, Round Lashing, Shear Lashing, Tripod Lashing
    • Water Rescues: Reach/ Throw/ Row/ Go (with support) - Line Tender Rescue
    • Finding North - star method and shadow method