Continuous Enrollment

Yorktown Christian Academy operates on a “once enrolled, always enrolled” system. The student is always enrolled until the parent decides to opt-out or the school leadership makes this decision for the family. To opt-out a family must notify the business office in writing or by email. The deadline to opt-out is February 15.  

What is the continuous enrollment (CE) payment?

The continuous enrollment payment is the registration fee for the following school year. This payment is collected in order to assist the school administration in effectively planning for staffing and curriculum for the following school year.  

How is the CE payment collected?  

  • Each student’s CE payment of $200 will be divided into two payments of $100 each and paid on March 1 and April 1.
  • Students who pay monthly will have the CE payments added to their monthly invoice. 
  • Students who pay in full, or do not want the CE payment added to their monthly invoice must notify the business office in writing or by email no later than February 15. Payment is then due in full by April 1.

I haven’t paid my CE payment. What happens after April 1?

  1. A $25 per month late fee will be incurred for those who have not paid their CE payment by April 1; and  
  2. The student stays in an open status and is not placed on a class list. Once the CE payment is paid, the student is then added to the class list as space is available.  

Is the CE payment refundable?

No refunds of the CE payment will be given after April 1 except for:

  • A relocation of 25 miles or more from the family’s current address
  • Military move

For these reasons only, the CE payment will be refunded once the family has emailed a request for reimbursement to the business office.

I haven't been billed a CE payment, what do I need to do?

Please contact the business office as soon as possible at 361-985-9960.

What are other requirements for continuous enrollment?

In addition to the expected academic performance,

  • Each student, starting in Grade 1, is expected to complete 15 hours of community service and submit a journal to their homeroom teacher by May 1. More details on what constitutes community service is given on our our website for your convenience.
  • Each family is expected to complete 15 hours of service to YCA or pay an opt-out fee of $100. Service time can be recorded through the parent login on RenWeb. (We want all of our families to be involved in the school, but realize there are limitations for some families. For this reason, the opt-out fee is available.)