Mathematics Philosophy

The Mathematics Department at Yorktown Christian Academy believes that God is the author of scientific and mathematical law.  He created and designed the world in perfect order (Genesis 1:1) and math reflects that order.  Mathematics is one tool by which we better understand the way that God has designed the world.  The study of mathematics is not only essential to our survival in the world, but also has a pervasive influence on our everyday lives and contributes to every vocation.

Therefore, the goal of the Mathematics Department at Yorktown Christian Academy is to prepare our students to function in the real world in a way that honors our lord and Savior.  The Mathematics Department will strive to develop our students into strong Christian leaders that can not only excel in the ministry, but also fill the gap as world leaders.

Since mathematics is needed in every vocation, we want our students to be prepared to achieve these lofty goals.  Our desire is for our students to be well versed in all areas of mathematics: number concepts, operations, patterns, relationships, algebraic thinking, geometry, spatial reasoning, measurement, probability and statistics.  We want our students to be able to communicate their understanding of these math concepts, use a variety of strategies, and use critical thinking to solve real world problems.

At Yorktown Christian Academy we believe that the best way to achieve this is through a child-centered approach.  The classroom environment will provide students the opportunity to explore and discover math concepts by using a variety of modalities.  A continuous effort will be made to teach concepts, facts, and problem-solving techniques, but also to demonstrate that the acquired knowledge can be used for the glory of God and to contribute to society.