Social Studies Philosophy

The Social Studies department of Yorktown Christian Academy believes that the social sciences should be utilized to develop the student’s understanding that God through Jesus Christ created this world and all who dwell within its boundaries will ultimately bow before Him and acknowledge that He is God.

Therefore, Social Studies is the cumulative study of the relationship between God, man, world-culture, geography, economics, civics, and history.  Study of the Social Sciences is important for enabling students to understand how God establishes individuals, families, communities and nations as part of His overall plan.  It prepares them to be active, productive, Christ-centered citizens in God's world and allows them to discern God’s intervention throughout the ages in the efforts of mankind.

Essential to the study of Social Studies are the God established relationships within one's family, classroom, peers, community, state, nation and world.  The influence of individuals and groups on historical and contemporary events must be explored, as well as how man provides for his basic needs within God's overall plan.  Students must be able to understand how God has continually ordained His plan and purpose for every individual, country, and nation, and how one day all nations will ultimately bow down to the authority of Christ.

At Yorktown Christian Academy we believe social studies should incorporate student-centered learning through engaging lessons using a variety of resources and strategies equipping students to approach problems and situations within society in a Christ-like manner.  Students will go beyond recall of facts and knowledge to the application of insights gained through their studies in their service to Christ and country.