Elementary Grades 1 to 5 Overview

At Yorktown Christian Academy emphasis is place on developing the entire child both spiritually and academically. We educate their minds to develop a knowledge and understanding of God, His Word, and His Creation. We seek to lead their hearts to a personal relationship with Christ as they develop a love of the Lord and His Truth. We practice using our hands in service by reaching out to the community and the world through the love of Christ, and we encourage them to use their feet by preparing them to go, witness, and make new disciples. Our goal is to develop Christ-like citizens who are life-long learners. In addition we strive to cultivate responsibility, diligence, and organizational skills.

All subject areas are taught from a biblical perspective and correlate with state and national standards. Resource texts include ABeka, ACSI – Purposeful Design, and Bob Jones University Press. In 4th and 5th grades Shurley English and English From the Roots Up are also utilized. All students attend Chapel weekly and are required to memorize weekly Scripture verses. Enrichment activities include Art, Music, Computer, Library, Accelerated Reader, P.E., and Science Lab.

1st Grade: In Reading the focus is on building a complete knowledge of phonics skills necessary for a child to become an independent reader and to develop good comprehension and fluency skills. In Math a strong foundation in basic math skills is being developed.

2nd Grade: Students read chapter books and enjoy activities related to the book studies. This lays a strong foundation for basic comprehension skills. Math continues to build upon skills learned in previous years with an emphasis on mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts.

3rd Grade: In 3rd Grade students move from "learning how to read" to "reading to learn" with an emphasis on comprehension throughout the subject areas. In Math students work on putting Math skills into practice through real-life situations. Students are expected to master multiplication facts.

4th Grade: Integration of reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills are the emphasis in 4th grade. Students are expected to independently put these skills into practice through pre-selected genre book reports and oral presentations. Math continues to build upon mastered skills leading students to solve more complex problems. Emphasis is on multiplication and division. Mastery of these basic facts is expected by the end of the grade. Texas History provides students with the opportunity to learn more about their vast and diverse state.

5th Grade: In 5th Grade students are being trained to become independent learners in order for them to be successful in middle school, high school, and beyond. Independent projects are assigned throughout the subject areas in order to develop critical thinking skills. Math continues developing skills in complex problem solving and lays the foundation for pre-algebra concepts.