Virginia Dempsey
Athletic Director



Coach Dempsey attended Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, TX. She spent 8 years working in a private Christian school athletics department before transferring to YCA.  She has experience in running a physical education program and has been coaching team sport since 2011.

Coach Dempsey believes strongly in the quality of a private school Christian education. She feels that strong athletes can practice biblical principles and apply them to their everyday lives. Being an athlete herself, Coach Dempsey knows the positive effects that sports has on a individuals’ character and self-discipline. She is familiar with the life lessons that can be learned specifically in a sports and team environment. The passion she has for the movement of the body and the power of the mind-muscle connection make her great at being able to coach student-athletes to reach their full potential. 

Coach Dempsey has been married since 2007 to her husband Gabriel.  They have 2 sons, Liam and Lincoln.   ​