Community Service

Yorktown Christian Academy's required community service program gives students the opportunity to apply their faith in practical acts of service to others. Students are required to complete several hours of service each year outside of school with organizations of their choice. By volunteering for churches, service programs, and other charitable groups, students grow beyond themselves, expand their educational horizons, and experience the joy of giving to others.

What Constitutes Community Service?

Community service is the practice of giving of yourself in the service of others - giving to those who are less fortunate, giving to those in the neighborhood where you live, giving in order to make your community a better place. With "giving" as the important component, the community service requirement may be fulfilled by working with most any organization in the non-profit sector.

YCA students have worked enriching the lives of others within their own home churches in Sunday school, nursery and toddler programs, Vacation Bible School settings, in neighborhood nursing homes and retirement communities, in community shelters and food pantries, and for environmental, literacy, and outdoor education programs.

Community Service Journal

The community service journal is due on May 1 and is required for reenrollment for the following school year. This journal will affect the student's citizenship grade and may also affect other class grades as determined by the classroom teacher. Consult the Parent/Student Handbook for details regarding the content of the journal.


Service Project Ideas    


    • Visiting a nursing home
    • Helping out at the homeless shelter or pet shelter
    • Donating items to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.
    • Going on a mission trip with your church
    • Visiting or baking cookies for first responders
    • Writing letters of encouragement or drawing pictures for missionaries
    • Random acts of kindness