Physical Education Program
Yorktown Christian Academy offers a physical education program that cultivates healthy habits and individual sports skills that students will use throughout their lives.

Interscholastic Sports

YCA also offers interscholastic basketball and volleyball. Competitive home and away games within our leagues are played weekly with sports recognition concluding each sports season. Students learn sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, and the joys of athletic friendship formed from participating in organized sports.


Yorktown Christian Academy athletics are an important part of the school’s reputation and character. The athletic program goes hand in hand with the schools mission to developmentally challenge our students spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Middle school students are offered volleyball, cross country, basketball, and track. Whatever the sport, athletics challenges and encourages the development of Godly character; self-discipline, teamwork, commitment and a life-long healthy appreciation for an active life style.

While students are encouraged to participate, there is an attempt to field the most competitive teams based on skills of each individual. Placing students according to their God given gifts benefits the team but the student as well, so that God may use their gifts and talents to impact our world for Christ.