Students at Yorktown Christian Academy will be introduced to various forms of technology. At YCA, we feel that technology will be an integral part of every student's future. We will prepare our students with the skills they will need to be successful.

Students at YCA will learn how to effectively use the Microsoft Office 2013. They will learn essential technology skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint using the Techno Kids project based curriculum. This curriculum integrates fun projects such as, opening a restaurant, writing a report on an endangered species, creating commercials, and making a presentation about a hero. Students will also learn proper typing skills using various typing programs. All students will practice computer skills by playing educational software games that will help reinforce concepts taught at school.

Teachers at YCA use Discovery Education Streaming as a resource to engage students in learning. This resource is a web based digital video-on-demand site that teachers use to reinforce curriculum taught in the classroom.

Students at YCA will also have the opportunity to participate in the Accelerated Reader program. This is a web-based program that students use to develop reading comprehension. It is also an assessment tool the teachers use to evaluate the student's reading progress.

At YCA students will be able to check out books from our continually growing library. Each year we host a book fair open to all the students and families of YCA. The purpose of the book fair is to get students excited about reading and to make books more readily available to them. The book fair raises funds for the library and every year we are able to add more and more books to our shelves. Students are able to check out Accelerated Reader books from the library and take the corresponding quiz in the computer lab.