International Ministry

Location: Dominican Republic

Dates: February 12-19, 2020

Estimated Participant Cost

  • Adults:  $2,100
  • Siblings:  $1,800 must be accompanied by a parent or grandparent
  • 8th Graders: $500

Adult and Sibling Payment Schedule

  • Non-refundable Deposit of $300 due upon registration
  • October 1 @ $600 - First Payment
  • November 1 @ $600 - Second Payment
  • December 1 @ $600 - Final Payment ($300 for siblings)

Submit New/Renewal Passport Applications by October 1. Click here to start the process online.

All 8th grade parents, and siblings of school age, are encouraged to participate in this family experience.The trip cost covers everything except personal spending money, passport fees, and travel insurance .

Families who have a Samuel's Fund child sponsorship will have the opportunity of meeting with the child they sponsor. 

For more information, contact:

 Forms for Download

YCA Missions Fundraising

All income from the following activities goes to support 8th grade students going on the mission trip to the Dominican Republic:
  • Annual Rummage Sale
  • Special Classroom Fundraising Activities
  • 8th Grade Fundraisers
  • Concessions at Sporting Events
  • Book Fair
  • Other Activities

Parents and siblings pay their own way to participate in the mission trip. If you would like to support any family going on the trip, please use the red Donate Now button and let us know.

Give via Text Message:  Text GIVE to 361-245-2020

Samuel's Fund Sponsorship

Every moment of every day in the Dominican Republic (DR), and throughout the world, neglected children live and die without the hope of a better life. STCH Ministries’ Samuel’s Fund Project is a sponsorship program that matches sponsors with Dominican children that the sponsors select from a group of available children.

For only $35 a month, a Samuel’s Fund Sponsor can bring hope and specific help to a child who desperately needs it. With the resources a sponsor provides, orphans and at-risk children can develop into independent young adults who can impact their culture for Christ. More Info ...

CLEP Fund Sponsorship

STCH Ministries is reaching beyond our borders to provide needed resources to Dominican Republic (DR) young people eager to continue their college education through the Christian Leadership and Education Project (CLEP).

The CLEP Program is a sponsorship program that matches sponsors with Dominican college students that the sponsors select from a group of available students (see Sponsor a CLEP Student). Each CLEP student is required to contribute a minimum of 10 hours a month in ministry to younger Samuel Fund’s children as tutors and mentors.

The cost for a college education in the DR is surprisingly affordable at about $100 a month. You may choose to sponsor this full amount or for only $50 a month, you can be a co-sponsor. As a CLEP Sponsor, you can help develop independent young adults who can impact their culture for Christ. You may also choose to send one-time contributions of any amount to the CLEP fund to help the many CLEP students who are waiting by faith for the opportunity to get their college degree. More info..

Feed the Hunger

This is a food packing event in which participants produce thousands of nutritious meals that will be distributed to children and families in need, both in America and internationally. Everyone, both children and adults can be involved in this activity. Watch for the 2020 dates.



It is our belief at YCA that a biblical worldview results in a global perspective. We want to reach people for Christ in our local communities and around the world. We operate through strategic partnerships with other like-minded organizations and churches. There is no better reward we can give our students than working side-by-side serving others.

STCH Ministries (originally South Texas Children’s Home) is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that has been caring for children and families since 1952. We provide:

  • Homes for Children who need care while their family is in crisis
  • Homes for Families for single moms and their children
  • Family Counseling services for individuals, couples, and families sorting through the challenges of life
  • International Ministry to children and families in the Dominican Republic
  • Jobs for Life to enhance job skills and spiritual growth
  • Faith & Finances to teach biblical principles of money management
  • Family Support to connect needs of families with resources
  • Pastor Care to serve those who are always serving others
  • Ministry Consulting to share expertise and resources with other ministries

Iglesia Bautista Quisqueyana, Inc.

Villa Mella, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Missión: Glorificar a Dios! Expandir Su reino a través de equipar líderes y pastores locales para un ministerio efectivo. Creemos que es por medio del entrenamiento apropiado de los que están dispuestos a ceder al llamado de Dios que las iglesias pueden ser construidas y mantenidas.

Con la bendición de Dios nos proponemos a continuar la prédica a quienes habrán de oír el evangelio. Nos proponemos, a entrenar, capacitar hombres y mujeres quienes saldrán a cumplir la gran comisión mientras nutren y sirven a los que Dios ha llamado a formar parte de nuestra familia.