Christa Williams
Pre-Kindergarten (K4)
[email protected]

Christa Williams was born in San Diego CA but has spent most of her life in Pensacola FL and Corpus Christi.  She is extremely close to her family.  She lives with her sister Mandi who is a K5 teacher at YCA, and with a niece who attends YCA as well.  She also has the privilege of getting to live next door to her parents, giving her an amazing support system.  Christa is a foster mom for sweet neglected babies and has had 5 baby girls come through her doors in the last two years. 

Christa has a degree and background in Pediatric Occupational Therapy.  With this background she has learned a variety of methods for teaching and training up children of different developmental backgrounds and skill levels in ways that are tailored to suit their needs.  Christa also has a degree and background in Culinary Arts, cooking at some of the finest restaurants in Dallas.

Christa is beyond excited to be blessed with a teaching position at YCA.  She has been involved in volunteering in many aspects of student life at YCA over the past 3 years including coaching basketball and soccer.  Through her volunteer time she saw the heart of the school, and felt the Spirit of God in all that was being done on the campus and knew she needed to call this school her home.